Orthodontic Emergency

Proper care of your braces will help avoid most orthodontic emergencies, but sometimes issue may arise.

Most problems you may encounter in your orthodontic care are not considered a true orthodontic emergency and can be handle during regular business hours or at home. If you are having a problem with your braces, first refer to emergency handout that we gave you when you have braces placed. This handout will outline common problems and treatments for your issue.

Broken/missing brackets or missing a ligature ties are not an emergency!

If all of those measures are unsuccessful and you’re in severe pain please call our office at (407) 990-3111 to contact Dr. James Nguyen.

We will give additional information or schedule an appointment to address the emergency.

Please do not come directly to the office.

By calling us, we can schedule a time to repair the problem.

Keep in mind that if an after-hour appointment is needed an assistant will work with you as best as possible to address the issue.